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He is VERY insistent and the Captain and Trip go for a visit on this desert planet. Zobral Zobral Unknown Clancy Brown Enterprise Legendary Crew Brutal Athlete Communicator Tactician Cultural Figure Saboteur Command Skill Diplomacy Skill S… (Zobral throws a rug aside and opens up a cellar trapdoor.) ZOBRAL You'll be safe here. TUCKER: If it's all the same to you, we'd rather get back to Enterprise. ZOBRAL: Oh, your shuttle's thrusters would draw their attention. You'd become an easy target.

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Earth has spent the last 88 years since learning how to travel faster than the speed of light studying under the wisdom of their alien ally called the 'Vulcans'. Now, the first crew of human explorers sets out into deep space on a ship called the 'Enterprise' to see what is beyond our solar system. The Torothans are a humanoid species native to the planet Toroth in the Beta Quadrant. The species are divided into clans, with the Torothan clan ruling over all others in what Zobral believed was a ruthless and oppressive manner. Each clan is identified by specific facial markings in the area between the lower lip and the throat. With the exception of these markings, this species appear to be Enterprise software has to become anything you need it to at a moment's notice.

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Daniels 8. Surak Het komt van een klein ruimteschip en de eigenaar hiervan is Zobral.

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Hailing from a nearby desert planet, Zobral invites Archer and Trip to his home for a dinner in their honor. Though Archer is reluctant to accept the invitation since it means delaying shore leave yet again, he eventually relents, charmed by Zobral's persistence. Later, Archer is surprised to find Trip unenthusiastic about the invitation. Zobral's guests were reluctant to get involved in his revolt, however, and fled into the desert when the government forces began to bombard his rebel complex. Zobral escaped the attack and contacted Enterprise for help in rescuing Archer and Tucker. (ENT: " Desert Crossing ") Zobral is surprised to hear that responding to distress calls is routine for the crew of Enterprise and invites Archer and Tucker for a meal on his homeworld. Archer declines, saying he promised his crew a trip to Risa.

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T'Pol se kapitána pokusí varovat, ale Zobral jeho výmluvy prohlédne a požádá ho o pomoc. WARNING: Every step of the "Desert Crossing" is fraught with danger, as this review is with spoilers. Tread carefully.
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Star Trek Enterprise and Terrorism. In September 2001, just as the latest series Enterprise (ENT) began broadcasting, Americans faced the worst terrorist attack in the nation’s history. Meanwhile Zobral returns to Enterprise, where T'Pol and Reed tell him that Archer is not a legendary warrior and moreover that they hold him responsible for getting Archer and Tucker stranded on a When the show begins, Enterprise has done some repairs on an alien's ship. Zobral (Clancy Brown) insists that they follow him to his planet for a feast to thank them for their help. He is VERY insistent and the Captain and Trip go for a visit on this desert planet.

Trip: „What are these, uh, little chunks?“ Zobral: „The essence of the male.
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David Livingston ACTION-ADVENTURE-series USA 2001 cast: Scott Bakula, John Billingsley, Jolene Blalock aka(s): Enterprise, Star Trek: Enterprise, Jornada nas Estrelas: Enterprise description: The year is 2151. Earth has spent the last 88 years since learning how to travel faster than the spe With car rental making up the backbone of the Enterprise mission, this company has dedicated itself to meeting its customers where they are to assist with their transportation needs. When you need to contact Enterprise, the company makes it Consumers will lead the charge to the Internet of Things, but enterprise adaptation will not be far behind. Will your IT department be ready? By Jack Gold Computerworld | The mobile market is moving on. Traditional smartphones and tablets a Free enterprise is a common term, but do you know what it means? Find out more.

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The Next Gen. Deep Space 9. Voyager. Enterprise. ST 1. ST 2.

Grat 15. The E2 crew, esp. Lorian 3. Soval 6. Daniels 8. Surak Het komt van een klein ruimteschip en de eigenaar hiervan is Zobral.